There's more involved with a pronect like HandyMan than just development and paying the bills. Luckily, many of these things can also be done by other people – you can be one of the people we need!

Here's just a quick list of what the project could use, beyond the financial aspect of things:

  • Translations: the more people that use HandyMan, the greater mental reward for the developer and the more likely it is to get others to contribute (again: financially or otherwise). Translating Handyman to as many languages as possiblr will increase the likelihood of non-english users.
  • Share! The more the merrier, and a few tweets, blogposts or mention in a newsletter can really make a difference in project adoption.
  • Test, break and report. I can test all I eant, bit I will never be able of testing every scenario. When you work with HandyMan and find something odd – let me know! Together we can build the best product yet.
  • Develop or Design. Get your hands dirty and dive into the code, or work on the next iteration of the look and feel.
  • Document. Tho pretty straighforward

We don't just need money to keep this project moving forward… we need people to test, write about, design and develop HandyMan to bring it to the next stage. Documentation needs to be written and inventive uses of the Extra need to be blogged about.

Perhaps the two most time-intensive tasks related to this project are the actual development (which is open to contributors on Github and creating/maintaining documentation and site copy. Your time would be greatly appreciated in either of those areas, and I would urge you to get in touch to discuss possible rewards and what needs to be done at a certain point.